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Indomesh Perforations

Whether functional or decorative, INDOMESH perforated sheets are the first choice in perforated products.

Perforated sheets can be used to benefit in many situations, e.g noise and weight reduction, air control, filtration, as a decorative finish or simply for anti-skid flooring. The varied qualities offered by perforated sheets make them ideal for sorting, facades, ceilings, lamps, shelves, shielding, stairs and many other applications, far too many to mention!
Availability of tooling:
We have thousands of different patterns available and ready for production. However, if we do not have tooling for the exact pattern you require, our modern and well equipped tooling department is able to produce cost effective tooling, enabling us to supply perforated products exactly to your request.
As we are manufacturer and supplier of perforated products since 1984 we are the only partner you need!

Round holes


Slot holes


Square holes


Indomesh Expanded Mesh

Light and cost efficient

It is a great advantage that expanded metal is not assembled nor welded, but always made in one piece:

  • No metal is lost in the expanding process, hence expanded metal is a cost effective alternative to other products.

  • Because there are no strained joints or welds, expanded metal is stronger and is ideal for forming, pressing and cutting.

  • Due to the expansion the weight per metre is less than that of the original sheet.

  • Due to the expansion a much bigger open area is possible compared to other similar products.

  • Greater strength
    The three-dimensional shape of the meshes is another advantage since the areas where the meshes meet are strong and enable the material to stand a far heavier point load than similar products or a flat sheet.
    Anti-skid qualities
    Some patterns have a type of mesh with special qualities that not only make the surface non-skid, but also give the expanded metal water and wind repellent qualities. Ideal for secondary operations
    Indomesh Expanded Metal is ideal for secondary operations. To save time and to help reduce your costs Indomesh offers to handle the secondary operations for you. It could be flattening, bending, welding, hot dip galvanising, painting or anodising of the Indomesh Expanded Metal.

    What is Expanded Metal?
    Expanded metal is one continuous piece of sheet metal presses into network of regular diamond shaped meshes with no cracks, joints or welds, with a fascinating production process that can turn any ductile solid metal into thousands of varieties of meshes. The process of stretching and slitting gives the diamond mesh effect. This can vary in diamond size as well as thickness and type of material used. This resulys in a strong, verstile and attractive product.


    Why Dimond Mesh?
    Indomesh Diamond Mesh offer great open area without any compromise in strength. Visually our Diamond Mesh offers an alternative to other types of mesh such as welded wire mesh. With exclusive design and serrated open diamond pattern and angular shape, it has maximum orignal metal tensile strength and the load deflection do not exceed the 10 mm limit as per BS 45392, Part lll.


    Features & Benefits of Diamond-shaped Expanded Metal Gratings (Mesh)
    The Expanded Mesh is formed from a single piece of metal which means there is nothing to work loose, cracks, or strained joints or welds. The strength of the mesh makes it valuable for use in multiple applications. In this process, there is no wastage, which means up to 60% cost savings in steel and other materials, especially compared to other metal processing methods.


    Higher-strength to weight ratio than sheet metal - hard
    to believe but tested and true.

    By expanding metal from its solid sheet form, additional strength is added. The uncut knuckles of expanded mesh withstand stress better than welds or joins due to its typical angular shape.


    Expanded Metal Unwelded Gratings is a substitute for conventional Bar Gratings and Chequered Plates. Being lightweight and economical, it is ideal for use wherever a strong, durable, lightweight and skid-proof surface is needed to ensure complete safety and sure-footing.


    Ideal Applications
    Whatever is your Industrial Flooring Application, our Gratings are extensively used for making High Tension Tower & Oil Rig Walkways, Boilers and Industrial Machinery Platforms, Chemical Industries Platforms & Walkways, Bridges, Staircases, Racks, Partitions, Industrial and Housing/Plot Fencing... even Designer Furniture Systems for Interiors.


    Architectural Advantageous and Roles

    We focus on desgin what makes you different.

    In this section we aim to provide you with information and inspiration for the use of our products in a wide variety of applications.
    As you will see possibilities are virtually limitless and we are sure that you will find examples of products relevant to you and your business.



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    Our architectural meshes give contemporary design freedom and are highly versatile for combining throughout interior and exterior architectural projects. As a long established company, our expertise and experience in architecture & construction means that our mesh has been incorporated into many historical landmark buildings in addition to recent prestigious projects. Meshes can be combined to create striking visual effects. We understand that each architectural project is unique in its demands and scope. Our dedicated knowledgeable specification we will ensure that you get the information and guidance required to create the effect you desire.



    by indomesh.com 2020-10-11 11:39:53.000000 News

    Today, it is difficult to imagine offices and commercial premises without suspended ceilings. The production process of expanded metal endows the expanded metal ceiling with a special character which offers, according to the customer’s requirements, a free or restricted view into the roof cavity. A further advantage is the possibility to optimally illuminate the space under the expanded metal ceiling through, for example, the deflection of artificial or natural light. Interesting variations in light design can be generated when the lights are installed above the lattice construction. The diverse surface structures of our inexhaustible spectrum of mesh variations enable the creation of an unusual ambience. Whether rhombus or square mesh, open or closed system, our wide spectrum bestows an individual appearance upon your premises.



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    They are reliable maintenance free protection against vandalism, forced entry, and accidental breakage. These guards protect your windows and buildings, providing fall protection for children. Perfect for areas next to playgrounds, ballfields, low roof setbacks and ground floor windows. Allows full window operation with optimal airflow for areas with restrictions for small children.



    by indomesh.com 2020-10-11 11:48:20.000000 News

    This mesh gives security a new character. The close approximation of the mesh openings prevents the use of powerful cutting tools. The high number of nodes necessitates more than three times the number of cuts, when compared to the aforementioned standard mesh, in order to achieve a hole of the same size. This mesh has been tested by diverse judicial authorities and received praise for its optimal penetration protection. Fencing Design: Choose between open, transparent mesh for fences which allow a view of the premises, or closed mesh to ensure discretion. The discreet design of the mesh protects you from inquisitive “guests” but nevertheless offers sufficient transparency to prevent having the appearance of a closed wall. Large and small mesh openings are available. The stable metal construction additionally offers high resistance against storm and vandalism.



    by indomesh.com 2020-10-11 11:51:16.000000 News

    We have devised a sun protection system with slats made from expanded metal which facilitated a multiple usage: daylight economy, thermal insulation, sun protection and, last but not least, an unmistakeable appearance. The myriad of individual domes which are created during the expansion of the metal function as innumerable sun protection slats. At close range the individual slats appear transparent in all directions: from the outside to the inside and from the inside to the outside. Wind protection slats not only caters to fulfil the strictest safety requirements regarding the protection of people, vehicles and buildings against jet stream, but also prevents damage to aeroplanes caused by the reverse circulation of jet stream. The wind protection lattices are custom-made in accordance with the individual requirements of the sites. The combination of reliable protection and transparency is a particularly strong argument in favour of ASM’s (Asian Streck Metals) expanded metals for this application